Shortly About MC

MC Seye is an African artist born in 1980 in Thiès (Senegal). His mother, from Gambia, and his father, from Senegal, called him Mohammed. However, his close friends in Ngor shout "MC !" or "Gambian !" whenever they cross his path. He grew up in Thiès and went to school until he turned 15. After what he started to work to support his family. He went through different jobs such as construction worker, taxi driver, etc. It is only in his twenties that he discovered his artistic vocation, initially as a wood carver and later as a painter. He speaks fluently Wolof, Mandinka, Fula and English. He defends himself in French. Mohammed Seye lives now in Ngor at a 15 minute swim from Ngor island. He traveled 3 times to Europe and had a chance to visit Germany and the Netherlands.

His Work

MC Seye and his neighbour, Kambel, have been painting next to each other for the past few years. They both paint in a different style which you will certainly enjoy. Their painting is true African art. However, unlike the typical art you will see in all African artisan markets, Kambel and Mohammed Seye's work is unique.
Here in Ngor, there are often pelican birds on the beach. Therefore, I asked Mohammed if the birds I saw on his last painting were pelicans. His answer was : if anybody ask you what is it, tell them there are no birds on this "toile".

Africa In The Air

Mohammed Seye's website was built by me. You might wonder now who am I! I am a pilot flying for a regional airline based in Europe. I fly frequently in West Africa and I take advantage of my days off to spend time with Mohammed. He invites me everyday to his house to drink tea and to meet his friends. Mohammed has been a local guide for me. I have discovered with him many restaurants where you can fill your stomach for less than 1 euro. We have traveled by bus to different places in Senegal. I was always invited to stay at a family member's house. His immense hospitality makes him a special friend. I invite you now to see the pictures I took from the sky of West Africa...